A shipping and return system that works for you.
And your customers.

Until now, the post-purchase engagement process has been clunky at best.

It’s all your team can do to keep up with customer questions and requests. Complex internal systems waste your staff’s time. And predicting returns percentages is a big unknown.

You need a solution that will simplify the shipping and returns process — while increasing your customer lifetime value and decreasing your team’s workload.

You need Relay.

Easy to integrate.
Easy to use.

You’ve sat through hours of demos from other providers only to realize their so-called “solutions” require you to rebuild your entire business to work with their system.

Relay is different.

Our suite of e-Commerce post-purchase engagement tools is the first to cater to customers — and merchants.


Relay easily integrates with even the most complex order management, e-Commerce, customer service and catalog systems.

No coding.
No problem.

Average implementation
time 30 days.

Your customers are more than
a number on a RMA

There are so many opportunities to surprise and delight your customers after the purchase.

Relay makes them possible.

Send better, more accurate shipping and tracking alerts

Build trust with custom templates that ensure every customer notification matches your voice and style

Simplify and speed up the return process with rule-based protocols that empower customers to effortlessly print out labels and schedule pickups

92% of consumers say they will buy again from brands that offer easy returns


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