More Power.

Better Service.

The Relay tool suite makes it easy for your team to manage shipments and returns while creating a more engaging post-purchase customer experience.


Real-time status updates

Your customers want to know where their package is, when it will ship and when it will arrive. Relay makes that possible — without creating extra work for your team.

With Relay, you can quickly create a branded customer portal that integrates out of the box with all of the major carriers.

Customers get up-to-the-minute info on their shipment's route and delivery ETA. Your team gets back all the time they used to spend answering questions about each order’s status.

Pro tip: Use the portal to feature recommended product suggestions, share new content and communicate directly with customers via email and SMS.


Faster, easier returns

Relay provides a customizable interface that makes processing returns easier and less stressful.

Create workflows that actually work for your business’s rules and restrictions. Relay automates everything that can be automated — and alerts your team when something needs a human’s attention.

  • Set rules based on SKU, product type, price and many other variables.
  • Instantly set return shipping fees. Waive or charge restocking fees.
  • Create custom emails and communication triggers.

Stop spending hours training your team on complex internal processes. Relay frees up your customer service team to actually serve your customers.


Instant integration with the world’s top carriers and platforms

Unlike other solutions that require advanced coding to connect to the systems you use every day, Relay easily integrates with all of the top order management, e-Commerce and catalog systems.

Don’t see what you need?
Let us know. We want to make Relay work for you.

Set, track and evaluate the KPIs that matter

Relay’s custom reporting tools will blow your mind, not your budget.

From day one, Relay starts collecting valuable data about your customers’ purchasing and return journeys.

See how having access to real-time insights can improve every aspect of your customer experience.

  • Identify patterns to get ahead of fraud and shrink
  • Search open fulfillments or returns with ease
  • Use insights to fine-tune returns rules

Inspired by merchants.
Designed for merchants.

Relay is the brainchild of e-Commerce managers who worked with brands that want to create unique digital experiences.

After years of helping clients search for a powerful shipping and returns platform — only to come up dry — we decided to build one ourselves.

By teaming up with our customers and understanding their needs and goals, we were able to design a solution that’s easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to afford.


“Imagination Media’s solutions allow us to easily integrate with exciting software partners like PayPal, Nosto, HiConversion, Bluecore, Klaviyo and Afterpay to drive our products and brand globally. The result is a 20% increase in operational efficiency, giving us more time to focus on the customer.”

- Anna Wessel, Digital Product Manager, Catbird NYC

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